Some of our services appear not to be working at the moment.

Our team has been notified, and is working on sorting out the issue.

The platform is hosted on a computer server certified by the French ministry of health of which the regulation is strict, and we use a technology which permits to encrypt the data and to anonymise them. Moreover, we have developed a double layer of security (model of asymmetric cryptography inspired by the blockchain) with a public and a private key.

As for the use of data, our solution is made according to our values. Our cohesion around a same integrity and ethical principles while allowing to give the power to the users concerning the management of their health. Everyone can decide to include or not their medical information in their account and to share them with their health professional.

At this time with the PassCare, it is the first time that your data will actually belong to you. They indeed stay in the medical office and they are partitioned in the different care institution.

As part of research and in order to price the medical exercise, a consent will be requested, and the users will have the total freedom to give or not the access to certain of their data anonymously.
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